Invest in Professional Electrical Services

Invest in Professional Electrical Services

Choose us for electrical repair service in Woolwich, ME & Brunswick, ME

When minor electrical issues shock your home or office, don't try to fix them yourself-choose Marc at Leighton Electric for electrical troubleshooting service in Woolwich, ME. You can rely on our experienced electrical repair contractor to resolve minor issues fast for a reasonable price.

Call Leighton Electric at 207-660-5870 now to schedule electrical troubleshooting service.

Make us your top choice for electrical troubleshooting

Leighton Electric is a trusted electrical repair and replacement company in Woolwich, ME. Over the years, we've helped commercial and residential property owners find and fix electrical issues of all types. You might call us if:

  • Your electric stove won't start
  • Your lights are flickering
  • A switch isn't functioning
  • An outlet isn't powering up your appliances

Dealing with another electrical issue? No problem-contact Marc at Leighton Electric today to discuss your electrical troubleshooting needs with a local electrician.